RF Power for the RF Spectrum

Spectrum Devices is a leading designer and manufacturer of high power transistors for RF and Microwave applications. Our products include Bipolar and VDMOS transistors for RF and microwave power applications. Our products exhibit excellent quality standards and are subjected to a controlled environmental test process.

Superior Design, Superior Performance

Not all transistors are created equal. Spectrum Devices has a new spin on older technologies. Our device design and modeling capability insure the highest performance RF Power devices, while matching key parameters to insure drop-in replacement. With higher breakdown voltages, improved layout, and enhanced reliability, Spectrum Devices will keep your existing designs in production.

Replacements for Hard to Find Parts

Spectrum Devices has your solution for hard-to-find RF power transistors. We manufacture drop-in replacements for ST Microelectronics, Microsemi,  NXP/Philips, and M/A-COM. Our technical staff can help you choose the right device, and also offer custom solutions to keep your existing design in production.