Company Profile

Spectrum Devices is a leading designer and manufacturer of high power transistors for RF and Microwave applications. Our products include Bipolar and VDMOS transistors for RF and microwave applications. Spectrum’s technical staff has vast experience in RF/Microwave circuit design, semiconductor design, process, manufacturing and test. This expertise allows Spectrum Devices to offer direct, drop-in replacements for most of your high power requirements. Our mission is to assist you in finding the right solution for your design.
Spectrum Devices focuses on providing solutions for our customers:
  • Drop-in equivalents for many RF Power transistors offered by ST Microelectronics, Microsemi, M/A-Com, and NXP/Philips.
  • Custom transistor development for applications requiring improvements over existing solutions
  • Applications support to help you with new and existing designs
With Spectrum Devices‘ Standard Cell™  Technology, our engineering team can support a wide array of current and end-of-life RF power transistors. The Standard Cell™ also gives Spectrum Devices the flexibility to create custom parts without the long lead time of wafer foundry run. With this capability,  Spectrum Devices is your source for standard, hard-to-find, and end-of-life RF power transistors.


Founded in 2003, Spectrum Devices is a privately-held company headquartered in Hatfield, Pennsylvania, and with operations in New York and Asia